by dalereubin on May 17, 2012 under

My name is Dale Reubin, I’m a commercial advertising photographer based in the South East of England. Faces North to South is a photography project I’ve been working on for some time now. It’s all about celebrating people through travel and photography.

I wanted to incorporate some of my greatest passions and produce a creative project which allows me to do what I love. A brief summary of the project sees my wife Laura and I traveling overland, in our Land Rover, from the UK to South Africa through 22 countries covering roughly 15 000 miles in 5-6 months.

Throughout the journey I will be taking pictures of people’s faces, in each country, to ultimately create a spectrum of the human face, seeing how it changes across the surface of the earth from North to South. The ultimate aim would be to produce a photography book celebrating the human face, humanity, life, culture, art, travel etc…

I wanted to include an interesting angle to this photography/travel project so I decided to shoot it on instant film. As the idea progressed I realised that having an instant photo, to give straight back to the subject, is a great way to show gratitude. Fujifilm have very kindly sponsored our humble project with two instant film cameras and all the film needed to complete the project. I’ll obviously be taking multiple shots per subject to create a body of work. My hope and aim is to show how beautiful and diverse we are. How, even though we have such different circumstances, we all want to enjoy life and each other.